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Part of the history of Duramar Venus, Inc. goes back to Venus Marble, which was founded in 1971. The business started with 5 employees selling standard edge vanity tops with just a few bowl options. In addition Venus Marble offered one 5 Ft. and one 6 Ft. Tub. But during the following two decades the business and product line grew more and more.

In 1993, Jackie Dickerson - a Venus Marble employee for 18 years - left the company to start up his own marble business: Duramar Bath Systems. Duramar Bath Systems started out with 3 employees, and during the next 6 years both company's businesses flourished. In 1999, with Venus Marble having a staff of about 50, and Duramar employing about 30 people, Duramar bought out Venus Marble.

Duramar-Venus, Incorporated (D.V.I.) was founded by Jackie Dickerson, merging the two company's staff and facilities. Venus Marble's old shop, located at 1101 South Hampton Road, is now D.V.I.'s headquarters, housing our company's showroom and offices, as well as the manufacturing site of our tops, showers and trim. While the location remained the same, the plant and showroom have been totally remodeled, enlarged, and repainted. D.V.I. kept Duramar Bath System's site to manufacture our tubs and all solid surface products.

At the present time, our company has 75 employees, while our product line now offers 7 different edge styles for vanity tops, 25 different bowls, 23 tubs to select from, and showers with 8 standard shower bases as well as custom bases, walls, and trim. We have 25 colors to chose from for both our cultured marble and solid surface products that D.V.I. manufactures and installs. Additionally, D.V.I. offers and installs several additional solid surface lines, as well as natural stone Granite and engineered stone Legacy.

In 2006 we entered into an agreement with two other businesses, and we are now displaying our products in two additional showrooms in Waxahachie. Please see News and Locations sections for more information.

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