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Below, you will find several care, operating and safety instructions for our products. These are:

Care and Maintenance of Solid Surface Countertops
Cleaning and Care of Cultured Marble
Basic Whirlpool Operating Instructions
Whirlpool Safety Precautions
Flushing Instructions for Whirlpool
Two Year Limited Warranty


Care and Maintenance of Solid Surface Countertops

Routine Care:
Solid surface countertops are highly resistant to stains and scratches. For ordinary cleaning, a damp cloth and soap or household liquid detergent may be used. Matte finishes may be cleaned with an abrasive cleanser. For HIGH GLOSS finishes, do NOT use cleaning compounds containing abrasives. Use only a soft sponge for cleaning.

Minor Cuts and Scratches:
More stubborn stains on matte finishes may be removed by gently scrubbing a Scotch-Brite brand #7447 green pad or equivalent. For HIGH GLOSS finishes, the fabricator may need to sand and polish the top to its original finish. You can try using the product "CounterTop Magic" available at Lowes and Home Depot.

Burns, scorches, and more severe scratches can be removed by sanding with a coarse grit sandpaper and followed by finer grit paper. A final buffing is required on polished surfaces. In these instances, it is best to contact your dealer or fabricator for the repairs.

Tips to Remember:
Hot pots, pans and other cooking vessels, along with heat producing appliances, should not be placed directly on the countertop surface. Use a heat resistant hot pad to protect your surface.

Do not expose the countertop to harsh chemicals for an extended period of time.

Please note dark colors may require more maintenance.

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Cleaning and Care of Cultured Marble

Use any non-abrasive bathroom cleanser, such as Dow brand or Lysol brand foam canned sprays. Also, you may use 409, Fantastik or even Windex. Always use a soft cloth or sponge. Never use abrasives of any kind. We do not recommend Soft scrub or Bon Ami or any abrasive sponges.

A coat of wax applied about once every two or three months will make cleaning easier and will keep finish lustrous. Gel Gloss brand and Hope´s Cultured Marble Polish are recommended, but car wax is suitable.

Avoid burning candles that are not on a base of some kind that keep heat from surface. Heat from curling irons can cause discoloration over a period of time if not used carefully. Also, be sure to keep surface dry underneath nick nacks, tooth brush holders, soap dishes etc. Moisture trapped under these types of items can cause discoloration, especially with dark colors.

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Basic Whirlpool Operating Instructions

Read and understand all instructions and safety precautions given in this package before attempting to operate your new whirlpool system.

Fill tub to a level at least two inches above the highest jet. (Remember: Running the whirlpool pump without water will burn up the motor and also void out the warranty.)

Turn on whirlpool by pushing air switch button, usually located on tub deck.

Enter bath and make any air flow adjustments by turning air controls located above the water line. To adjust flow, there are (2) air control knobs mounted just below the tub deck. Turn counter clockwise to increase the flow, clockwise to reduce the flow.

Make any adjustments to the water flow by pointing jets with your hand and fingertips.

Limit your stay in the whirlpool to no more than thirty minutes.

Turn off whirlpool by pushing air switch button.

Drain tub.

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Whirlpool Safety Precautions

Never attempt to run whirlpool system without sufficient amount of water in tub.

Do not allow children to operate whirlpool system without proper supervision.

Do not place small articles in tub that could enter jets or suction.

Do not use whirlpool while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The excessive use of heavy bath oils or bubble bath will result in the reduction of whirlpool action and shorten the life of the pump.

Keep hair away for suction! Long hair should be held up away from water at all times while whirlpool is operating.

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Flushing Instructions for Whirlpool

Your whirlpool system should be flushed and sanitized at least every 60 to 90 days with approved sanitizing chemicals.

Every two or three months, fill the tub with hot or warm water to approximately 2´´ above the jets. Add to water two tablespoons of either dish washing granules or laundry soap in granules form (not a liquid) or you may use vinegar. Allow whirlpool to run for about three minutes.

Drain tub. Re-fill tub with clean water and turn whirlpool on for about three minutes again. Drain tub again and immediately clean marble of harsh residue with a mild cleanser and soft sponge.

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Two Year Limited Warranty

Workmanship and materials are under certification test Z124-1987, which we, the manufacturer, D.V.I., will warrantee two full years after purchase, should tub fail in any way due to workmanship or material defect.

If tub is non-repairable, we will make a replacement at no cost to original purchaser.

Cultured Marble Tops, Showers, Trim, Etc.:
Workmanship and materials are under warranty two full years after purchase, should product fail in any way due to workmanship or material defect.

If marble tops, etc. are non-repairable, D.V.I. will make replacements at no cost to original purchaser.

Whirlpool Systems:
All components, hose and pump are under warranty two full years after purchase. Should any components, pump or hose have a manufactured defect, D.V.I. will replace at no cost to original purchaser.

All whirlpool systems are tested for performance and leaks before leaving plant. There is no warranty on broken components by purchaser, installer, or plumber. A service charge will be assessed for repair.

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